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The science behind manifestation

You might have heard about manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

It's the idea that your beliefs create your reality and that you can manifest the things you want in your life through the power of thought and vibration.

Sounds far too simple and "woo woo" to be true, right? But there's science behind manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

Yes, science!

Though it’s a spiritual concept, there is a science behind the core principles of how manifestation works, and it was understanding this that really allowed me to:

1) get on board with the idea that manifestation was something tangible and real, and not just something I HOPED was real, and;

2) actually put it into practice effectively.

Essentially, everything in this world, including you, is predominately made up way more of energy than mass – that’s scientific fact.

The atoms that make up the particles that make up our body are 99.99999999999+% empty space - or more specifically, energy.

We are able to affect the energy within our bodies, based on the thoughts and feelings we’re having, or the energy we surround ourselves with (that includes other people).

You can sense when you (and others) are feeling high vibe (that’s where the term comes from).

And similarly, you can tell when your energy or mood is low and you are vibrating at a lower frequency (low vibe).

Law of Attraction (and science!) states that like attracts like.

Positive things vibrate on a higher frequency. So, if you yourself can vibrate at a higher frequency, you will attract those positive people, opportunities, things etc. to you.

This doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to be positive ALL the time.

We’re only human, and there'll be times we're feeling low.

We also need to take action towards our goals. We can't just sit there, thinking positive thoughts and expect it to come to us.

But we want to be raising our vibration as much as possible, in order to attract as much good as possible.

I've done this with clients and the shifts they've made have been incredible.

You'll also see it in those people who seem to be lucky, magnetic, happy, wealthy or well-liked. They have mastered using their energy and vibration, whether intentionally or not.

Here are five steps to help make this happen for you. Practice these regularly and I promise, you will feel the difference.

➡️ Visualise your goal or desire every day. Picture the detail and really feel the feelings of having it. Get that feeling of excited anticipation in your belly.

➡️ Practice gratitude daily. Get in the habit of writing down five things you're grateful for each morning or night.

➡️ Spend time with people who inspire you or make you laugh. Nuff said.

➡️ Make an act of kindness. Pay a compliment to a strange or give to a worthy cause - and feel good about it!

➡️ Play a favourite (upbeat) song and sing your heart out or dance like a mad woman.

Sending good vibes to you!

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