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Hey awesome,

I am so excited to tell you about Expand.

This programme has been in my head and my heart for over a year now, and I am super pumped to bring it to life.

I've created this for ambitious (or wannabe ambitious) career women or business owners who are feeling like imposter syndrome, perfectionism, uncertainty and a lack of self-belief may be holding them back from the success, income, fulfilment, and happiness they’re really capable of having (and want).

Someone who knows it’s possible for them to do, be or have more at work, but they just need the guidance, support and accountability to increase their confidence and belief in themselves enough to make it happen. 

Basically, me a few years ago! I will be supporting you with everything I've earned that's taken me from a semi-satisfying career tinged with regret and wonder, to senior leadership roles and a dream business with twice the income.

What is Expand?

This is an 8 week online group coaching programme with added 1:1 support, that will expand your self-worth when it comes to your career, so that you have the confidence to go for your dream job,  secure that promotion, start your dream business or grow your existing one.

I'm looking for four women to take part in a pilot round of the programme. Those who are committed to unlocking their true potential and claiming the success, satisfaction and salary they're truly worth.

So, if you’ve had enough of: ​

  • Playing small and not having the self-belief to own your full potential and go all in on your career or biz. 

  • Worrying too much about what people think of you. 

  • Doing work that doesn’t make you feel truly unsatisfied. 

  • Lacking the bottle to follow through on applying for better jobs, or starting your dream business.

  • Lacking energy and time to do work that brings you joy and purpose. 

  • Not earning the money you really want to make.

  • Only making a small impact.

  • Swerving away from the actions that you know would help you expand inside your career or biz.

  • Overthinking your actions and not trusting your career or business decisions.


Then this group coaching programme is designed to: 


  • Give you a clear vision for your career or business, that excites you and expands your horizons. 

  • Help you feel worthy of the success you do have and feel safe to unleash more of your potential.  

  • Create a new sense of hope, clarity, ambition and faith in your ability to make your work dreams a reality. 

  • Empower you with the belief that you are worthy of earning good money for work you love to do. 

  • Set money or earning goals that feel safe, expansive and achievable. 

  • Help you work out an inspired action plan for becoming your next level self at work. 

  • Give you more ease in your career and a better work/life balance. 

  • Give you the sense of peace that your dreams and potential are not being left unchecked – no regrets. 

  • Increase your sense of purpose, joy and fulfilment. 

  • Feel that you are living in the excitement, meaningful and successful career or business that you were meant to. 

Expand your horizons 

Expand your opportunities 

Expand your expectations 

Expand your income 

Expand your confidence 

Expand your impact 

Expand your joy 

What's included?

​You get:

  • A 30 min 1:1 onboarding call to identify and talk through your unique goals and challenges (worth £100).

  • Eight Weekly group coaching zoom calls where I will teach you how to increase your confidence, explore your true work identity, expand your vision for yourself and achieve your career goals (worth £888). 

  • Private Whatsapp or Telegram community to ask questions, stay accountable and get coaching between sessions (£200) 

  • A 30 min 1:1 call with me after the 8 coaching calls to plan your personalised next steps (£75) 

  • Downloadable workbooks, prompts, templates (£75).

PLUS these bonuses

  • Free access to my online FOUND course (£147 value). 

  • Resource library of mindset tools and meditations to boost confidence, self-belief, make more space for joy, take control of negative thoughts etc (worth £147). 

But what do we actually cover? What will I be learning?

Here's a brief breakdown:

Week 1 - EXPAND YOUR EXPECTATIONS - Getting honest about what we want

Get clarity, dream big, feel expansive, build your new self-image, get excited.


Week 2 - EXPAND YOUR AWARENESS - Confronting the doubt and doubters

Diving deep and identifying the BS beliefs and blocks that have been causing your lack of self-belief and holding you back from reaching your true potential in your biz or career.


Week 3 - EXPAND YOUR BELIEFS - Grounding into your awesomeness

Transforming the doubt, growing self-belief, changing perspectives and seeing yourself as you *really* are. 


Week 4 - EXPAND YOUR INCOME - Earning your worth

Identifying & transforming the negative beliefs and stories you have about expanding your income and having an abundant career or biz – a game-changing tactic that many people aren't aware of.


Week 5 - EXPAND YOUR AWESOME - Uncovering the authentic you

Exploring your unique core values, strengths and understanding what you need in order to expand into the next level version of you. 


Week 6 - EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS - Building a vision and taking action

Building a vision of what your dream career or biz looks like now you're free from limitation, and helping you build a roadmap of the inspired steps you need to take towards your expansion and next level self at work. 


Week 7 - EXPAND YOUR FUTURE - Becoming future you

How to claim and move into your chosen career identity in a way that feels empowering, permanent and awesome – habits, awareness, consciousness.


Week 8 - EXPAND YOUR IMPACT - Reflections and moving forward

How to keeping momentum, dealing with setbacks and keep growing your impact.

Yeah, but how much does it cost?

As this is my first time running the programme, I'm offering four places at less than a quarter of the value, and at a 50% discount on what it will eventually be sold at.

Everything included in the list I put above totals £1,632 in value, but I am offering places to four women who are committed to their Expansion for just £347.


 This can be paid as one instalment, or across two payments (of £175).

This is an insane no-brainer offer for the support included. Once the pilot round has been done, I intend to sell this at around £697.

What are the timings, when does it all start?

I'm looking to confrim the four places by Friday 15th March and we aim to begin before the end of March.

The group coaching calls will be delivered workshop-style and held weekly on Zoom. I will send round an availability survey for the women taking part to see what time works best, but the calls will likely take place on a weekday evening. The calls will be recorded if for whatever reason you're unable to attend, and you will have access to me throughout the week to ask questions and get support on what you're implementing.

If you still have any questions, message over on Insta or drop me an email at

Sounds awesome - how do I take my place?

Yay! I can't wait to work with you.

As above, drop me a message on Insta or drop me an email, let me know if you want to pay in one or two instalments and I will reserve your spot and send more details.

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