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Go from lost to FOUND.

Discover your unique identity blueprint and create the life you REALLY want in this one-of-a-kind online course.

Hey awesome, does this sound like you?

  • You feel trapped, bored or stuck in a life or unfulfilling job that's affecting your sense of happiness and worth.

  • You can't remember the last time you did anything for yourself, and you feel consumed by mundane everyday bullsh*t and stress.

  • It feels like you are drifting through life rather than actually living it.

  • You want the freedom to be able to do other things that excite or fulfill you, but you have no idea what they would be, and you don't have the space or energy to work it all out.

  • You're frustrated because you know you're not the best version of yourself, and you're not living the life you intended to.​

  • You feel like your life is in limbo and you don't know how you got here, but it's affecting your confidence and self-worth.

  • You feel jealous of others who are in a position go for their dreams and make things happen. ​

All in all, you feel like you've lost a big part of yourself but you don't know how to get it back. You feel disconnected from yourself. You're unsure what to do next or how to change.


You stick in the job you have or settle for the lifestyle you're experiencing because it's bearable.

But you know deep down that there are things you could do to change, but you are lacking time, direction and accountability.​​

If this is you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I've spoken to so many women who feel the same, and this isn't right.


So, with the help of some of these amazing people, I've created something pretty special.

Imagine waking up everyday and feeling....

  • 100% sure of yourself, who you are and what drives you.

  • a sense of excitement, joy, passion, purpose and direction in your life again.

  • that you have a whole and complete identity past being a mum/wife/daughter/friend/employee.

  • like you are working towards (or already in!) a career that makes you feel fulfilled, inspired and more than enough. 

  • that you are living a more balanced life, more in control, with time to do things for YOU and to not feel guilty about it.

  • more connected to yourself, and to others.

  • a more positive outlook on life, secure in the knowledge that you are of value.

  • more hope and self-belief to take charge and create the life you used to dream about.

  • like you've been reminded of what's really important and you are ready to live your life to its full potential.

If these are things you want and don't currently have, you need to be FOUND.

FOUND will take you from feeling directionless, guilty and trapped to feeling optimistic, joyful , and liberated, with a plan for the future you actually want and feel worthy of. 

Find yourself.

Find your purpose.

Find your direction.

Find your worth.

Find your happy.

​This online self-study course is designed for busy women just like you - mums, working professionals and everything in between, who are feeling trapped, bored, uninspired, anxious, unsatisfied, stuck, lost, invisible, mediocre, unworthy. Generally, like they've lost their sparkle.

With bitesize video content that is easy to consume and put into action, plus the toolkits and resources to support your transformation and discovery, this innovative course will combine a mixture of neuroscience and spiritual exploration into your identity.


You will come away knowing intrinsically who you are on both a mind and soul level, and move forward with the purpose, direction and self-belief to create a life that makes your head AND heart happy.

This is more than just another online course that you buy, take and do nothing with.

It's an EXPERIENCE that will teach you how to permanently think, speak and feel differently about yourself.

It's been designed using a brain-based framework that means no matter your situation or learning style, your brain will be able to consume, understand, and most importantly, GET RESULTS from this life-altering content, so that you can undergo a MASSIVE transformation.

I'm selling this course at an unbelievably low price for incredible value.

I'll be taking you through the exact process I've used to find my purpose, AND to get testimonials like these 👇 from my clients.

Working with Rosie has been life changing! I have clear direction for meeting my future goals, I understand myself and my core values on a completely new level. I can’t recommend Rosie enough, she is very supportive, knowledgeable and intuitive.

In a matter of weeks I've gone from feeling absolutely awful and directionless, to feeling optimistic, hopeful and happy, with a plan for the future I want and feel I deserve. 

I will be recommending you to all and sundry.

So what exactly is FOUND?

What we cover:


The course consists of 7 modules, each broken down into bitesize, easy to follow videos from me, where I'll take you through:


✅ a deep-dive exploration of self-awareness and discovery, helping you to uncover your own unique identity blueprint.

✅ a process to create a vision for how you want your life to look, and map out how to make it happen in a way that inspires and excites you.


✅ removing any blockers or beliefs that are holding you back from knowing that you can achieve it (which is what's missing from 90% of online courses and is what will make sure this programme really changes your life), and;

✅ how to cultivate your drive and motivation and what habits you can take on that will ensure these positive changes you’re making will stick.

There’ll also be downloadable workbooks, templates and other amazing resources to support your transformation and help you apply what you’re learning, and an online community where you can ask questions and get support directly from me or other course members, past and present.

AND, if that's not enough, I'm offering a money back guarantee. So if you do all the work, and apply it, and you don't feel you have a better sense of your identity, purpose, or direction, I will offer you a full refund - so it's risk free!

Here's a sneak peek of what we'll be covering:

MODULE 1 - Setting your intentions - reflecting on where you  are, what needs to change and working out how you actually want to feel.

MODULES 2 - 5 - The specialist subject is you!- take a deep-dive into rediscovering your amazing, beautiful unique personality, drive, talents and strengths. Understand your needs and desires and know yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally. 

MODULE 6 - Your Life Vision + Taking Inspired Action - build your life vision, identify your action points and take the first steps towards creating a life that excites and fulfills you.

MODULE 7 - Becoming Future You - how to understand your blockers, become more resilient, and stay on your chosen path.

You have two options for joining:
FOUND - £97
You get:
  • Lifetime access to the life-changing online course, which you can study at your own pace. Clear, bitesize, value-packed and motivating video content to change your life.
  • Downloadable workbooks, resources, and meditations to help support you to apply what you've learned into your life.
  • Access to my Stamp Out Self-Doubt and Stop Self-Sabotage masterclass (worth £55)
WORTH £472, YOURS FOR just £97.
FOUND VIP - £197
You get:
  • Everything in FOUND, plus a 1:1 call with me (worth £150) on completion of the course to give you personal support, guidance and life-changing coaching on your next steps towards your best life. 
WORTH £597, YOURS FOR just £197.
(Payment plans available)

Previous FOUND participants say:

I can recommend this course until the end of time. At the beginning I was a full time working mum, who thought I was lost with my career and had no passion for anything. By the end I am now writing regularly again, I have time for me and I've learnt I wasn't lost in my career, but just didn't have a proper work life balance. I don't live to work, I work to live. I'm more positive than I have been for a long time and I can't thank Rosie enough.

The course came along at a time when I was feeling very lost in most areas of my life. As a mother of young children who has a stressful job I was feeling as though there was no time for me and that life was all work and very little play. I was frustrated as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do career wise and was lacking energy and motivation. The course takes you on a journey where you learn more about yourself and get to know yourself so that you can give you what you need. I rediscovered passions and gained clarity on what I want to do career wise and learned to find time for me and that I deserved that.


I'm stretched for time! How long will this take?

The online course content and self-study itself will take around eight hours in total, but this is split out over 7 modules, and within that, the video content will be split down into manageable chunks that can be consumed easily.

I know that many of the women I serve are crazy busy, with next to no time to do anything for themselves - but you have likely gotten to feeling the way you do about yourself for that very reason.

What if giving yourself this time and headspace gives you the capacity to actually change things for the better? What if it helps you work out how to balance your life to make yourself more of a priority in the future, in a way you just can't see right now?

This is worth your time. I promise you. Your future self will thank you for making sure she was FOUND.

How can I justify spending this on myself when money is tight and there are other priorities?

I get that making an investment in yourself can be scary. What if it doesn't work? But I will ask you, what is it costing you to stay as you are? What is it costing you to stay feeling lost, unfulfilled, lacking in confidence and purpose, knowing you could be doing more and being scared of losing loved ones because you don't feel good enough?

I know times are tough for a lot of us right now. That's why I'm making this course as accessible as possible, whilst still respecting its value. But you have to know that your feelings matter. Your purpose matters, YOU matter. And can you imagine the difference it would make to your relationships, career if you were happy and living with intention? If you got out of survival mode and actually started living? The benefits this would have for you and everyone around you? What would that be worth to you?

Also, when you have skin in the game (i.e. money!) you're more likely to commit yourself and get results.

But why is this important? Why should I make it a priority now?

Because your primary relationship in life is with yourself, and when that is truly FOUND, through discovery, understanding and ownership of who you are or who you want to be, all other relationships in your life – with people, money, your career, love – will all fall into place.

If you have not found your identity, purpose or self-worth, you will continue to live a life of unfulfilled potential for love, happiness and success.

When your relationship with yourself is healed, aligned and strong, you will live in harmony with life, and with others. You will find your power and make the impact you were meant to make.

What about this mention of spiritual stuff? I'm not sure about that....

You are more than just a bunch of cells. You are a person with a soul that feels deeply. I want you to feel that you know yourself inside and out. Not just how your brain works, but how your emotions and energy work too, and that's all part of your spiritual make-up. And it's never just "woo-woo" stuff that I share, I always link the science with the spirituality. You don't have to be a spiritual person to take part, you just need to be open minded. Take what resonates with you, and leave what doesn't. 

Any other questions? Feel free to email them to me at


I'm Rosie!

I'm a certified life and self love coach from the UK.

I help people, particularly women, to understand, embrace and empower themselves to break negative thought patterns. Together, we work to increase their self-worth and increase their confidence, so they can create a life of true joy, love, success and fulfillment.

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