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Black Friday Offers

Grab an absolute barg in my Black Friday Sale.

Offers at all price points, for all levels of support.
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Two downloadable workbooks with questions and guidance for identifying, understanding and transforming limiting beliefs, and four powerful guided meditations that will help increase your confidence, uplift your mood and picture the future you that you want to be.

This is for you if:
  • You're starting out on your journey of self-discovery and awareness and want some support in working out the subconscious beliefs that may be creating your low self worth.

  • you suffer from self-sabotage and destructive patterns of behaviour, or are suffering from imposter syndrome and want to understand the underlying causes of these things.

  • you enjoy meditation or are intrigued to try it and feel the benefits.

  • you're not yet ready to commit to 1:1 level of support, but want to start taking control of your life.

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A powerful, 90 minute, one-off coaching session (not normally available).

This is for you if:
  • you're ready to get some expert support and insight on how to transform your self worth when it comes to relationships, career, or anything else that's affecting your happiness and success.

  • ​you need clarity on what you want from life or how you want to feel, and some ideas on how to make this happen.

  • ​you want some support in identifying the blocks that are stopping you from living a happy, fulfilled life.

  • ​You want to end 2022 with a sense of hope, direction and purpose.

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This is for you if:
  • you're ready to invest in yourself to make the permanent changes needed and you're looking for a life-changing programme to help you do that.

  • you want to overcome self-doubt and reignite your sense of self worth.

  • you want to feel more connected to yourself, your passion, your purpose and your identity.

  • you want to develop a more positive mindset and optimistic look on life. 

  • you're ready to create more freedom, certainty, love, success and fulfillment in your life.

Payment plans available, contact me for more info

What's included?

In the Self-Worth & Discovery Package you will get 6 weeks of coaching that covers the following:


Getting Crystal Clear on Your Goal

Identifying what you really want; your desires, your goals and how you want to feel about yourself.

During this process, I will help you map out a vision for your future. Often, people will also be influenced by what they think they SHOULD do, rather than what really lights them up. This week then is about identifying your desires free from these limitations.

Uncovering Limiting Beliefs

Your beliefs create your reality and whatever you believe in is what you attract in your life.

Some of these beliefs may be fears or worries that you are aware of and are conscious beliefs. Other beliefs however may be lurking below the surface in the subconscious and keeping you in patterns of self-sabotage without you even realising. It’s these beliefs that we will also be weeding out during this session.

Transforming Your Beliefs

In order to manifest the life you want, your beliefs need to match up with that life.

During this call, we will start our work on transforming your beliefs using various techniques any beliefs that no longer serve you.


Energetics & Mindset

In this week, you’ll learn more about the importance and principles of mindset, Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration in co-creating a life that you want.

You’ll discover how to maintain a sunny side up mentality through my 3P’s framework, and how to gain perspective and improve your mood when you encounter setbacks.


Becoming Future You

During this week, you will start taking action towards your desires and goals. Creating the life you want isn’t just about what you think, it's about taking action to make you feel good.

During this week we will therefore work on an Inspired Action strategy plan to help you take action that keeps you in alignment and moving towards the person you want to become, or the thing you want to achieve.


Reflection, Surrendering & Moving Forwards

During this week you will learn the art of surrendering to The Universe, trusting and having faith that what you want will be received at exactly the moment you are meant to receive it.

You will also reflect back on how far you’ve come during our sessions, as well as learn how to deal with setbacks and keep moving in a forward momentum.


You also get support from me via Voxer, a voice note app, 6 days a week, for those in-between session breakthroughs and challenges.


 BONUS HALF-DAY INTENSIVE - Self Awareness & Discovery

In this session we will work together to help you truly know where your passion and purpose lies, as well as rediscover your true identity by uncovering your core values and human needs.

We’ll work out your zone of genius and the aspects of life that you need to feel truly happy and fulfilled in relationships, work etc.

And a raft of bonuses including downloadable workbooks, meditations and hypnosis, journalling prompts, affirmations booklet and more.

Payment plans available, contact me for more info

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“Coaching with Rosie was life-changing. I now understand myself on a whole deeper level."


"Being coached by Rosie helped me see some past events in  a different way. She made me feel so comfortable while I was opening up and being vulnerable."


“Coaching with Rosie has literally changed my life. I am a much more confident person now. I fully believe in my self-worth and have an exciting plan for moving forward.”
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